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Rick Perry and the Seventh Commandment

Rick Perry

Rick Perry can touch Heaven when he stretches

Texas Governor and nascent Presidential candidate Rick Perry likes to tinker on a grand scale. The Trans-Texas Corridor, known euphemistically as the Innovation Connectivity Plan, is thousands of square miles of big thinking. Let no doubts linger on Perry’s adherence to Dominionism when it comes to land-use.

So sure is Perry of his correctness that he  is ready to rewrite the US Constitution, updating it generously in his attempt to turn America into something from which he doesn’t wish to secede.

But Gov. Perry doesn’t stop with exercising reproductive dominion over the Sentient Taxbase and improving on the Founding Fathers cognitive processing.  He clearly has his sites set on God itself, starting with the Seventh Commandment.

In less than 11 years, Gov. Perry approved the execution-style killing of 234 people, almost two per month higher than allowed under the Commandment. To make certain there is absolutely no misunderstanding about his view of the Seventh, Perry vociferously extends his rejection to the mentally retarded and Mexicans.

One Step Further

Removing God’s ban on killing is only a partial solution for Perry.  After all, if killing is okay sometimes, it oughta be ok whenever one feels like it. As long as someone pays, right?

What we need to hear from Gov. Perry is how he reconciles his very public religion with his equally public actions.  How can he understand himself as superior to his contemporaries, the Founding Fathers, and his own God, all at once?

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